About Us


The Founder

Leader, Designer, Radio TV Co-Host, Founder and Business Owner, Philanthropist, Friend, Encourager, Mom.

Founder and owner of Shadowlawn foundation and Darci Inc., Darci Schriber, is all about quality and excellence. With a passion for life and tremendous love for people, she has been instrumental in helping individuals, international leaders and various foundations. Today, Darci and her foundation have touched millions of people’s lives and hve impacted leaders on a global level.

At Darci Inc., she serves as chief designer developing her collection of high-end limited edition Darci Bags and recyclable treasures for corporations. She is also an international speaker and co-hosts the radio program and television broadcast “City Talks”.

Darci enjoys sailing, ministry outreaches, family and friends, including her horse and two Portuguese Water dogs.

Love, Love, Love…